Saturday, September 3


The problem with school, palpak.
That's one term to describe it.
Everything is run by useless papers. Something is wrong with the system. The country is chaotic because it starts with the school.
The students have had it! They choose to be passive and indifferent because they have had it. They would be sanctioned if they did something so they choose to swallow the everyday pangs and live until they graduate. Sadly, including me.
It all starts with the school. The students are formed apathetic and as citizens, they become apathetic. This is the plight of the college.
We have a sick reputation. It is soooo everwhere. Now I know why. I'm hating my daily existence in this school. Maybe the other students feel better. But they are not the ones given a classroom that have lockers falling apart. They are not the ones having fiting forms that are fitting-deformed! They are not the ones lacking sewing machines and it barely works!
Yes, that is the plight of the fashion students. We are few and discriminated by the school system. We pay an everage of forty-eight thousand per trimester but we don't get what that's worth. Poor us.
This is our plight. With this, I strive harder that one day I can make a school of my own that will shape citizens different from this school.
It might get yearly repainted. It might look pretty outside but usually, bulok and laman.

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