Wednesday, August 24


There are choices to make in life. Most choices are hard to make. It is often the simplest of things that are hardest. Then what is complicated? What is complicated is a simple matter made big because of many choices. There might be a lot involved or a lot at stake.
Hard choices have to be made. Currently, I have to make them. My life is turning because I am growing up already. I must choose which path to take so when the choices come, I am armed and prepared.
Friends are hard to choose from. You have to choose them and in turn, they choose you. In relation to groupmates, you have to make the right choices and let them choose too. Not everyone I choose agreed and I did not choose all of my friends. I have chosen ones who want to make a difference for themselves. I have chosen ones who will not let my dreams and ideas go to waste. It was hard to make. Some would say it was obvious but the truth is, it was not.
The simple thing to say or reasoning would be that I chose them because they are the greatest and most responsible ones. As I said: the simplest choices are the hardest. I chose them but put at stake a lot: my dreams, ideas amd reputation.
Now that I have chosen them, it is up to them to choose me. If they do, they would share my mission and vision. For there are harder tasks in the coming months. Decmeber is our D-day. Through this journey, even more choices have to be made.
I hope we can do it together.

So sorry for the ones I have not chosen. I hope you are not angry with my choises. certain factors were considered in choosing and it was deliberated in a span of a term.

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