Tuesday, September 6

Tuesday with WORLITE

Tuesday and it's first day for WORldLITErature. I don't know if I remember having minors. I'm not comfy in sitting on these brown armchairs. Lots to do. Lots of literature to cover but I'm not liking her selections. There must be more interesting literatures that those.
Oh well.
Ang nakakloka part is PHILIEN. After waiting so long, wala palang teacher. Kakaloka!

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Joy said...

ei hi! just saw your blog, and to my surprise, i think you're just in the same school as I am. DLS-CSB, right?

well, just ride and do whatever that subject has to and you'll see you'll make it through. Good luck!

anyway, would you kindly add me if ever you have a friendster account; smile_joy07@yahoo.com. thanks!

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