Monday, September 12

The Ill-Made Mute, Rag among Rags

An Enchanting Novel By Cecilia Dart-Thornton.
Mistifying struggle of a mute and her endurance in a world of danger and discrimination.
Imerhein, the deformed mute, is in a constant struggle with wights and people who look at her differently. It shows a gruesome reality that people do judge by appearance. It takes humble people to overcome her face and befriends her.
Is there a humble person around? In this day and age? Will Imerheins of our time survive?
She will long perish and vanity will rule leaving her in a dark world that is a nightmare.
Reality? yes. We trap her to books yet we do not see what is around.
She is real and around.
There are many personifications and symbolisms to her.
Imerhein in society is the deformed person, ugly. Judged by appearance. She is mute because she is not listned to. She has no "voice."
Im am always looked as a rag picker. Perhaps every Imerhein I've already met. And I can't help them all. It's hard to please everyone.
In time, I begin to see myself like her.
One of the voiceless.
And the very rags I try to help are the filthy ones that smother me slow and painfully.

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