Saturday, September 24

Bringing it to the Present

Today's new ideas are yesterdays original ideas being modernized. Yes. They are all bieng reinvented today. We weave elements of the past and present into one up-to-date story.
Why do we bring these ideas to the present? Is it to bastardize it? Maybe just because we really don't have new ideas anymore?
Perhaps it really is just the fad.
Things, places, ideas and even people. If they don't change, they disappear. stagnation, as people say, is detrimental. We have to change. But that change has to be for the better.
Bringing past to present isn't just some wicked idea to mould without cause. Tey has to be a definite cause and certain influences why it is so. A whim of change is just a mere fab to fade soon in oblivion. Concrete ideas, no matter borrowed, can withstand the test of time. True, it may be alterable but it only shows its flexibility.

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