Friday, January 11

Satisfying Your Belly at Belly's Grill

Your Belly will be Full at Belly's Grill.

Located at the corner of Mabini St. and Quirino, Davao City, this unassuming little restaurant is actually home to good food. In the mood for grill and other Filipino Specialties?

Specialties: Hito (Catfish), Ostrich meat, BBQ pork and Chix, kinilaw, tuna belly and more! The taste of the dishes are varied but you know grill when you taste it.

Ambiance: The location is very accessible. There is ample parking. Inside, the lighting is good and the aircon is cool. It's not too fine dining but it certainly not carinderia.

Critique: Belly's is actually a bit of mixed market and confused owners. Service-wise, it is good. They are very accommodating. All in all, food is good!

Cool Lunch. It was my first time to taste ostrich and hito. Ostrich steak tastes and feels like beef. There is a slightly different aftertaste but it's likeable. Hito was good. Not malansa at all. Tastes really fresh and cooked right. Very crispy. Not too oily, just right. I like the taste.

Food Trip Experience Rank: * * * *

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