Saturday, January 19

Heirarchy of Drivers

We have a family driver/slash/dad's corporate driver. He was once mom's buss boy elevated to cook and now elevated to driver.

When we go somewhere, he would hang out in the driver's lounge. example in Rockwell or some parties. I would notice that there is a hierarchy of drivers. I would classify it into three. I shall call them the Barongs, the Polos and the T's.
The Barongs are the hi-class drivers. They are usually corporate drivers or hi-paying drivers. They drive businessmen and politicians and their family. They get over-time pay on top of their usual salary.
They usually wear a uniform or the working barong. These guys are proud to wear them. They know bits of English and are not afraid to use them.
The next is the Polo's because their usual attire are department store bought polo shirts. They are family drivers usually. Their bracket take home is about Php9,000 to Php6,000. They may or may not have over-time pay.
The "lowest" in the class are the T's because they wear T-shirts only. Sometimes, the T-shirts are the company give-aways. They have a small salary and they work as delivery drivers and are sometimes used as family drivers. These guys stick together.

Funny, our driver, he worked for us in the British School for 4 years. So now, he has all the confidence. Some of is words have British accents. He does not ask "Ha?" when not hearing something. He sys "Pardon me?"
One time I went to drive through in McDo and I was on the passenger's seat. I gave my order but the cashier in McDo can't hear my drink so she asked again. "Water. MineralWater. Orlan, paki sabi mineral water."
So he says "mineral wwoh-tah"
I nearly burst out laughing!
He can pronounce Shcublig, Stroganoff, cottage pie and bangers and mash... and he can cook them too.

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