Wednesday, January 23

Food Places and More

Davao is a home to a variety of restaurants and food chains. Here are some Sulit places I've been to na good food and affordable.

Chickies and Patties
Chickies has been around since I can remember which is more than 20 years na siguro. They are known for their chicken and other short orders. I love it here. I remember eating here is a treat. They were the best fast food chain in Davao until Jolibee and later McDo came into the scene. They have my fave gravy, macaroni salad and yummy arachibuteric Leche Flan. Yum yum! Make sure to get two pieces of Chicken!!!

Pritong Manok
Pritong Manok is known for Duh! Fried Chicken. Translate Diba!
They are found in most all mall food courts and even near markets. They sell chicken per piece. They now have diversified their products to include Tender Juicy Hotdogs with rice. Try ordering three pieces of chicken smothered in gravy! Yum. They sell their chicken depending on the part you want. The cheapest is the neck which is about 18 pesos. A big breast is 47 a piece.

Italian? Try a bowl of pasta for about 85 pesos. It includes a long (definitely long!) slice of garlic French bread. They bake the bread themselves! Good food, cheap too. Don't worry about the ambiance. Looks can be deceiving. The inside is actually cozy.

It's on top of JS Gaisano. Nice place if you love Italian. They have a kilm (exposed brick oven) where everyone can see and smell the yummy pizzas baking. The prices are cheap and you can avail of their offer of buy one take one during 2pm to 5pm. Excellent food!

No, nobody's serenading you there but the food feels like a serenade of the senses. Harana is practically older than me. It started as a backyard barbecue place. Then they rented the place at Torres St. and built a playground for children to play while waiting for the food. Now, the playground and good bbq are the trademark of Harana.

Kuya Ed's
Nobody can beat a buffet like Kuya Ed's. For 2 years, they still boat their 99 peso-buffet. You may choose from a variety of Filipino dishes. Occasionally, they bring out siomai and tempuras. Guaranteed busog!

Cecil's mainly sells cake. But they are the yummiest cakes! Need cakes fast? They are better and cheaper than Goldilocks! Doesn't taste commercialized either. They have kiosks in malls where they sell cakes per slice. They also sell short orders. A hefty slice of chocolate cake is about 47 pesos. A cream puff or ├ęclair is 18 pesos each. Dessert anyone?

Before Goldilocks even set her lacy foot in Davao, Merco was there. They are known for their birthday cakes and sandwhiches you can eat in the cafe with ice cream topped on them. No kid! They don't mind what you eat! As long as you're having a blast! A big 8-10 slice black forest cake costs about 300plus pesos. 500 in Goldilocks and Red Ribbon and they taste commercialized. Merco has retained their quality for more than three decades.

So, when "libot-ing" Davao, don't be afraid to try out the food. Try any place! Food is good in Davao, that is a guarantee!

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Nice post! :)

I especially like the chicken burger at chickies n' patties. walang sinabi dun ang kfc chicken burger :D

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