Friday, January 4

Indian Dining in Davao

Oh, wow! An Indian Restaurant in Davao! Why not? After all, Davao is known for food trips!
I got invited to a food trip last week and was able to sample Indian cuisines in Taj Minar. Mr. Zafar was kind enough to entertain us and explain each dish his restaurant served us.
I must say, it is authentic! I can tell. My mom is a chef and she cooks Indian every week. You can see the Cinnamon sticks and the cardamon spice in the meal. The curry was good and dessert was quite delightful. That is, if you have the taste for it.
Judging the whole menu, it is worth eating a quiet lunch in.
It is a must, a culinary experience even for the inexperienced!

Here is the website to the place.
Taj Minar is found in Damosa Gateway, Davao City

Food Trip Experience Rank: * * *

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