Tuesday, January 29

Dark Curse by Feehan

I was looking at Feehan's site when I saw she has a storyline for Dark Curse already. I'm a fan of her Dark Series but more especially the De La Cruz Brothers. Dark Curse stars Nicholas De La Cruz, the uptight elder brother of Rafael in Dark Secret.

There are actually 5 members of the De La Cruz family, they are the 5 daunting brothers: Nicholas, the eldest and the leader. Manolito, the Sensual and buff now half-werewolf (Dark Possession), Nicholas, the middle child, Rafael (I call him spoiled) the haciendero-type joke from Dark Secret and the youngest and charming of the 5 Riordan who is the Star of Dark Hunger.

From the Site:

DARK CURSE-- September 2008

Lara Calladine is haunted by childhood memories of being held prisoner in an ice cave and kept sane by the whispered stories told to her by her imprisoned aunts. They instilled mage and Carpathian magic deep within her and then helped her escape. She has spent years searching for the cave in hopes of finding the answers to the riddle of her past as well as finding her aunts who may have given their lives saving her.

Nicolas De La Cruz has returned to the Carpathian Mountains--his homeland--on orders from his eldest brother, Zacarias, to bring news of a conspiracy to the prince of their people. He is weary of his long existence and plans to end it away from his brothers where they will be unable to stop him once he has fulfilled his duty.

Lara and Nicolas paths collide in an explosive adventure that rocks the Carpathian world.


Anonymous said...

Actually Zacarias is the eldest brother and the other brother's name is spelled Nicolas. But, oh well! I can't wait to read the book.

Anonymous said...

Umm the order of the De La Cruz brothers are the following:(eldest to youngest)
*Probab;y got the spelling for the names wrong but still can't wait for the books to come out

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