Monday, October 15

Too young?

I joined a yahoo group on Christine Feehan and her books. The conversations are very interesting. Lately, the latest conversation is about being too young or old enough to read romance. One mother asked the group if it was alright for her to give her 15 year old her Carpathian novels. Most of the people thinks it is alright. Teenagers have sex education in school and at that age, they arte quite curious. Better hand them the book.
This gets me thinking. What age will I allow my children to read things like these? The Carpathian Novels do have intense love scenes. Well, they get pretty intense as the series go along. I thought Dark Prince was a bit wild. The De La Cruz Brothers are not your typical Latino Lovers. They sizzle and pop!
I started out reading romances in A little sneak here and there. Then, i got a hold on Historical Romances. I liked it, especially the Native American Romances. Never liked Cowboy Romance. Then, i went on to Beatrice Small. She was nothing compared to Feehan's Carpathians. Now, i can't pick up a vampire novel.
I think I will let my kids read at 16. Perhaps just light romances at first. Got to Mother-Daughter talk101 then I can let them have the Carpathians books. I think by that time, Romance novels will evolve. Paranormal Romance is a relatively new Genre. It was popularized during the late 90’s. Sci-fi romances were popularized during the mid 80’s. Perhaps in the late 00’s, we would have more farfetched genres and more intense scene anyone today can’t imagine yet!

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