Tuesday, October 9

Dark Melody

By Christine Feehan
Dayan goes up to Canada with Cullen. He jams at a local club/bar. There, he meets Corrine. The moment she entered the room, he knew she was his life mate. She could save his soul. Corrine Wentworth was his everything. Her beautiful soul will save his dark soul. But Corrine is not so certain she could save anybody. Not even her own and her unborn daughter. Corrine has a heart condition. With the baby's complication, her time is running out.
She wants to believe in Dayan but her heart couldn't even take the pressure of believing in the paranormal. Darius and the rest of the band races to Dayan to save Corrine. Gregori and Shea joins them too.
Saving an unborn child while conversion is a relatively new ground for the Carpathians. Gregori and Shea must find a way to save baby Jennifer, a strong psychic even as she grows inside Corrine.
It's a mini reunion and non-stop teasing between Darius and Gregori.

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