Wednesday, October 31

Halloween - Shalloween!

Is Halloween getting shallow? It seems like it.
It's too commercialized, it's no longer fun. In the village here in Merville, we have our usual trick or treating. Guess, what, there are no more village kids trick or treating. If there are, you can count them and they usually have chaperons. The kids trick or treating in the village are kids from the slums. "Squatters"
I hate to be discriminating but they are the worse kids in the world. They stole my pumpkin!
So, I decided to stop giving candies half-way through the afternoon.
I get some loving from Alonzo and Peppi and take a nice long cold shower.
I'm so not feeling Halloween anymore.

I want something like a masquerade party. A place to gather and have fun. Dress up, socialize, meet people. Perhaps eat and maybe have a few Halloween games, watch haunted movies and such. What do we have now? Cream Party? A haven for drugs!
Where are the wholesome ones? Wholesome even for big girls like me?

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