Thursday, October 4

Magic in the Wind and Safe Harbor

by Christine Feehan
In the town of Sea Haven, there lived seven sisters with extraordinary powers. The people of Sea haven have a hush-hushed knowledge but the girls are well respected.
Magic in the Wind stars The Drake Sister's eldest, Sara. She is a securities expert sent to protect Damon Wilder. She is attracted to Damon and the gates of the Drake house opened for him. Now, she must protect him from death itself. Death, the shadowed figure of the Grim Reaper is following Damon constantly. It's up to Sara to protect him from death and the bad guys who wants Damon's brains.
Very short novel but a good start. Some of the sisters are introduced and their habits as well.

Safe Harbor
Another Drake Sister adventure. Starring Hannah Drake, the beautiful and sought-after model also the 5th sister.

Hannah is everything Jonas Harrington wants and more. Danger lurks at every corner and Jonas must protect Hannah and the other Drake Sisters. He works as a government spy and was one-time sheriff of Sea Haven. Jonas must give-up his dangerous lifestyle if he wants to win Hannah.

It's a sisterly reunion. Very touching. They all help Hannah with the trauma of being attacked by a maniac. Good story. Jonas and Jackson have abilities of their own too. Sinister Ilya is back. He's very powerful and you keep on guessing his motives.There will be a wedding at the end of the book.What harbor is safe? I don't know. Never was able to get the title.
The Drake Sisters From eldest to youngest:
Sarah - The securities expert. (Magic in the Wind)
Kate - Mystery novelist. (Twilight Before Christmas)
Abigail - Has the affinity for water. Everyone says the truth around her. (Oceans of Fire)
Libby - The healer. she travels the world healing people. (Oceans of Fire)
Hannah - Super model. She controls the wind. (Safe HArbor)
Joley - A spell-singer. She is a singing sensation traveling the world. (No Book Yet)
Elle- Quite confused. She has a lot of abilities. (No Book Yet)

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