Friday, October 19

Dark Hunger in Manga

Finally, it's out! Dark hunger in Manga format by Christine Feehan!
The Novella format is in a book called Hot Blooded, an anthology on Paranormal Romance.

This is part of the Carpathian Dark Series. Carpathians are a separate race of humanoid people. They are as old as time and they keep their identities a secret from humans. With good reasons. They are endowed with magical capabilities and shape-shifting abilities. they are psychics and has the ability to control Nature.

Riordan, the hot and steamy Carpathian alone in the jungle. He was captured by vampires and set as a trap for his brothers. Hundreds of years ago, the five De La Cruz brothers, Zacharias, Manolito, Nicholas, Rafael and Riordan, were sent to South America to battle vampires. The jungle has become their home. Now, the vampires are making a come back. They threaten the peace of the jungle. The five brothers must make sure vampires are eradicated as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Juliette had no idea that the stranger she rescued will be her ultimate salvation. He claimed to be her life mate but no man enters the lives of Juliette, Jasmine and Solange. The were man-hating activists to the core.
Juliette, Jasmine and Solange are Jaguars. They too are a gifted race. Jaguars are able to shift to human and back to being jaguars. They are psychics too. The trio were victims of violence wrought by jaguar men. They rescue girls like them and animals in dangered in the jungle.

Juliette cannot help what she feels for Riordan. Can the jaguar within her accept him? How will her sister and cousin accept Riordan?

The plot seems to thicken as jaguars, human vampire hunter society and Vampires team up and stalk them in the jungle. Will Riordan and Juliette survive?
It's sizzling but no scenes!
Even Pat was able to read this manga. Me and my sibs like it a lot. they think Riordan is so bishonen. Juliette looks like Fujiko from Lupin III.
Riordan has no sense of fashion. Even in Dark Possession. He has no idea how to dress properly. Perhaps MaryAnn can give the brothers fashion tips!

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