Thursday, June 14

Wire in the Blood

By Val McDermind
I thought Watching Wire in the Blood in the Telly was disturbing. Read words can affect more. The descritive murders doen't leave much to the imagination. It is very disturbing to the last drop.
Yet, it challenges. Can serial killers be one of us? The common walking masses?
In this case, he is deceptive and plays several roles at the same time. you may never know the person you admire, one you thought was so perfect was the man who murdered dozens of women for his pleasure.
As Dr. Hill puts it, it is the process that excites them more than the elimination of the victim itself.
This book follows the TV series Wire in the Blood staring Robson Green as famed psychoprofiler Dr. Tony Hill. He is joined by DCI Carol Jordan and a handful of determined newbies.

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