Thursday, June 21

200th Post

I bought a book called Get Off the Unicorn.

I bought it only because it had a story I want. This book is an anthology of collected woks from various Anne McCaffrey stories. There's a story about The Rowan and Damia. I really wanted to know Weyrleader K'van's story. The Smallest Dragonboy is one of the many stories in the book and I love it to the max.

The simple story of a boy who wanted to have a life-long companion, he was injured and hurting but he reached the hatching grounds. There, bronze Heth came to find him and the bond between them was created. Heth is one of the many memorable Dragons of Pern. Apart from being sired by Mnementh and mothered by the Largest queen Ramoth, Heth is a compassionate bronze. He's ready to help anytime.

Get Off the Unicorn was supposed to be entitled Get of the Unicorn. It got typo-ed and they went along with it anyways. Title no relation the stories, as I found out.

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