Tuesday, June 26

A tribute to Sir George Fox-Selwyn

The Third Instalment of Eleanor Updale's Montmorency ends with the death of several friends and among them, Sir George Fox-Selwyn.
He was a courageous man. He loved justice and above all his family. Killed while doing what he did best, search for the bad guys.
He was betrayed by a bad man who introduced himself as a friend. And George being trusting, thought a game of chess and a few drinks would be alright.
Poor Montmorency gets a shock of his life when a friend for 25 years was delivered to him in a vat of formalin with several gun shot wound to the heart.
George, you will be missed.
Especially by me who could always relate to the character.
George was a plum and happy man. Unlike his best friend Montmorency, who has a shady characteristic, George is always happy, makes sure others are happy too. It's hard not to like them man.
Time and again I kept telling myself that he is a fictional character. No record of George existed but the writer was good and I was able to meld my heart to the adventures and the jokes they crack until it end ubruptly with tragedy over tragedy.
Nobody was prepared for it. not Sir Gus, his twin. Not Montmorency. Not Marquess Alexander nor Sir Francis Fox-Selwyn. Not Doctor Robert Farcett. Not Vi and Tom.
Not even me...

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