Friday, June 15

Why Try?

Who cares for diet? Being forced to take a diet makes you feel there's something wrong with you. I was always comfy with my own body. I have no FAT issues that some people I know. So, why am I being pressured to diet?
I *+@#$ fine!
I'm fine with my weight. If I wasn't, then its my own problem. I'll lessen my intake when I want. For crying out loud for a stupid glass of milk! wait, I7m the one crying. C'mmon! I can't deprive myself. I'm a happy person because I'm fine. It's the people who pressure me that has issues.

I'm big. bold and beautiful. Got a problem?

I don't, do you?

It sucks when they make fun of big people. They may be cautious not to make fun of me but making fun of others that I feel are like me hurts too. These fat issues might be fun or trivia to one end but to the one on the other end is hurting.

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