Thursday, June 7

Jane Eyre and Baggage

What does extra baggage mean?
When you say that person has etra baggage, it means s/he is feeding a family member, paying child support, or spousal suppot (for separated/divorce cases).
Now in the case of Bronte's Jane Eyre, she was hired to take care of somebody's extra baggage. As she and her employee develops, she finds out about a crazy wife locked up in the atic. By the way, the kid she was hired as governess, is not the wife's child. It belongs to some obscure moneyless girlfriend. Now, she leaves. A missionary wanted to marry her and take her to India. Jane realizes she loves her ex-employer and returns only to find that the house burned and the man is blinded in the process of rescuing the wife.
Now, the guy is not only handling an extra baggage, he becomes a baggage himself!
Man, I think he's balik bayan box compared to a baggage.
But of course, Jane still marries him. What a sucker!

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