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Of the Grail and the Templars and the True Discovery of America

The Sword and the Grail

There’s a book called The Sword and the Grail by Andrew Sinclair published in 1992. The school bought two copies in 7-5-04. Up to this day, I am the only person borrow one of the books. I borrowed it the forth time now. The book never ceases to amaze me.
When you read it, it’s like a history book. Nothing so special and nothing too intriguing. It’s states the facts like all other textbooks. Andrew Sinclair is a history writer so it is very understandable how he writes. This book, he says, is a more personal book because it talks about his ancestor’s life and interweaves them in History.

The Sinclairs, know as Saint Clair were knighted to be keepers of Holy items such as relics, pieces of the true cross and the holy rood (now taken by England. Yung hawak na bola ni Santo Niño na may cross sa tuktok.) Siant Clair or Sancto Claros means Holy light. They were granted lands of Shetland, Orkney (Orkadia) and Rosslin which they took residence and built Rosslyn Castle. Below, the Third Rosslyn Lord set the famous Rosslyn Chapel in which mysteries and secrets were engraved.
Rosslyn means Bloodline. The chapel is patterned after Sacred Geometry and the temple of Solomon. There are many carvings inside the chapel. Most of them are a combination of Christian, Masons, Jew, Pagan and Templar symbols. This so baffles people a lot. (Go search about Rosslyn Chapel and you’ll see what I mean!)

The St. Clair’s were a prominent family protecting Scotland from England. They border Edinburgh. Also they act as ambassadors to Norway and Scotland. One Great St. Clair was Sir Henry the Navigator. You must know of him in History books. I never knew he was a saint Clair until I read this book. It was said that he used Arab seafaring techniques to navigate his way around the world. With the use of the Zeno narratives and the Zeno map, he and the Zeno brothers discovered America a century before Columbus. But we all know nauna and mga intsik. They interacted with the natives and brought back corn.

1307 was the fall of the Templar knight. Phlip le Bel was king of France. He connived with the papacy and sent the Templars to their fall. They were blamed for the loss of the Holy Land in the crusade. It was because of greed and pride. The templars held 9,000 manors across Europe. All the possessions of the Templar knights were owned as a collective. They were the bankers of the time. Loots from Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon were in the Templar’s keeping. This included the cup of Christ, secret documents, unpublished gospels, original gospel scripts, the said Mandylion (Either the shroud or the face towel that Veronica wiped on Jesus’ face) and more. They were so prestigious that even kings bow to their will. Only the pope and the grand mater were the ones who controlled the knights.
So 1307, blasphemous and destructive lies were accused of the Templars. They were said to worship Bapometh and the Devil. They were accused of Homosexuality and other sexual acts. 600 of 3000 knight were tortured to death until they admitted the nonsense.
Jacques de Molay has heard about the mass arrest days before so he took with his trusted knights and entrusted all the treasures of the Templars. The treasures and documents were never seen again. Jacques de Molay was burned alive in front of Notre Dame.

The Templar treasures were said to have been divided and sent all over the world. Some have been entrusted to the St. Clair’s.

The St. Clair’s were protected by Norway and Scotland. Their supporters hid some of the templar knights. Six of the Rosslyn lords became grand masters of the Templar even as the order was destroyed. In time, they blended and hid in Masons.

Until this day, nobody had unearthed or dared to unearth the vaults lying beneath the chapel. The secrets of the Templars has remained a mystery. The holy grail that was part of the treasures of the Templars went with it as well.
Again another book that excite the mind, another book that entices me to go further reading. I highly suggest this book to read. It open minds to look past what really happened in textbooks.

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