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In the middle was her...

The Middle Child of Rome

In the middle of the street was a middle-sized house. It was a bricked house with two floors. Each child had their own room and one room for the couple. Their floorings were marble with a wooden ceiling. The grand clock hung adjacent to the calendar in the dining room. The living room has a small piano and the computer with the other furniture.
In the middle-sized house was a middle class family. The family of seven members composed of the mother, the father, four girls in order and lastly the boy.
The eldest, Ria, is in Japan. She was described as a genius. She was always good in science, math and English. Invention and innovation was her ultimate goal.
The second was Marie. Marie is interested in playing with instruments. She loved music but could never really sing a note well. After schools, she rarely goes home at once. A trip to the mall or the theater was a daily routine.
Jade or Pimples was the youngest girl. She was always imitating her sisters or people in school. Jade was not as precious as she seems. She always had tantrum attacks. There never failed a day without one. Nothing can stop her rebellious attitude.
Pat was the youngest. His name had French origins. He studies at Master’s Academy for the Special Children. He was quiet… special. Pat had some troubles somewhere along the way when he was still a baby resulting in the fear of spelling words and taking a bath. That didn’t stop him from being normal. Pat still did the normal things like play an instrument or go swimming. The most normal and typical thing about his was that he loved to play video games and loves to eat chips while watching cartoons. Pat had two fears though. He feared other girls aside from his family. He also feared taking a bath.
Lets not forget the main character. In the middle was the middle child. Unlike her siblings, she did not know how to play any instrument. Maita loved to paint and draw. She sews, cooks and bakes. If a day was tiring and down, she vigorously scrubs the bathroom and takes a bath. It was one of the unusual habits nobody knew about.
Maita was the one always apart or between her siblings. She’s mostly doing things herself but at times served as the bridge between the two eldest and the two youngest.
The middle child of Rome was Maita and she was very different or very much all of her siblings. There were times she was good at everything then times she was not good at everything at all. She was always called the unique sunshine.
Maita could be a combination of her sister at times because she loved cartoons like the younger ones and loved broadways and classics like the older ones. She blended well in what they wore. She blended well in their conversations. All in all, the five belonged together and they looked like pieces of the set with her in the middle.
Her mother says she is lucky to be the inbetweener. She’s more flexible and tolerable this way.

As I examine myself, I am quite flexible. I have done a lot of things not everyone my age could do. I am me because I chose to be. I took every opportunity that I see comes. My ambitions are set high because I know I can achieve more that I could possibly think.

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