Wednesday, February 16

Meows of Joys


I've alwasy taken a fascination to cats. I love kittens. I baby tlak to then. At times, I can understand cats but they don't always understand me. Or they just don't want todo waht I want them to do.
Psychology of Cats:
They are very superior creatures or they think they are. If you think they're dumb, dont! They are hihgly intellectual and are just lazy and playful because they know humans please them so. Egyptians worship them.
If dogs please their masters, cats think they are masters of man. Man feeds dogs showing they are masters but feeding a cat means you are bowing tot he cat's will.
Yesterday, little Catty Wampus brought 5 little angels to the world. They are so cut and I finally realize who the father was. It was this stray cat who I threw a stone at. It was the gray and white cat.
5 little kittys! Can you belive it! 5 adorable kittens...

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