Sunday, February 6


Where do I get inspiration?

Since childhood, I’ve always found inspiration from illustrations of other artists. My first inspiration for clothing illustration was Barbie coloring books. Then after that, Sailor Moon. Stationeries were my favorite inspirations too.
Anything I can try to copy, I get inspiration. Of course I can never really copy, I just try to replicate the style and somehow incorporate it to my style. Certain design details in other artists’ work inspire me to take a detail of one and incorporate it to another.
Since other people’s illustrations are accepted by society, I tend to try to incorporate their styles, figures, and details into my illustration and hopefully try to fit in the standards.

Another source of inspiration is Mother Nature. I like to draw Mother Nature in ways I can think of. Dress made of flowers and fruits, wings like fairies, ears like butterfly wings and hair like the sea are my usual depictions. This, of course, is only for art’s sake. The clothing for my Mother Nature Collection can never really become dresses.

In drawing models or just plain garments, I don’t only get inspired to make an illustration of the clothed. Another source of my inspiration is where I get my model because the model in my illustration are the ones that gives my design personality.
I remember the time I didn’t make comics so much and never thought to use my characters as models. I made illustrations with blank faces and fashion was anything goes. All inspiration came from cartoons and coloring books. All designs were modified of other designs and variated to different colors and length.
I derive my models from my imaginary characters. I like to write and draw stories. Before my novel-writing craze, I use to draw simple comics. Each character in my story has their own identity and clothing taste. Examples of my old stories were: Adriana Jones (My female version of Indiana Jones) is sporty and all her fashion is related to cave exploring. Her style is mainly like Lara Croft with flowy overcoats and utility bags. Jewel is my Alien character who is a queen of a far away galaxy. Her fashion is weird, with gravity defying details, jewel-filled crowns and royal space outfits.
Now that I’ve grown up and threw all my comics into the bin (stories remained in my head), I made novels and most stories are still in my head. My novels are not yet complete but the characters are all formed. My favorite character to dress up is Dora. She is a full-bodied female whose fashion had to evolve from drab to Diva. Libra is my sophisticated chick who always dresses short to show-off her legs. Her outfits may be short and tight but it has to be movable because she uses martial arts of bad guys a lot.
To be inspired, I pick a part of the story and pick a character. The wearer and the occasion will determine the clothes. Example, Libra would wear something black and elegant for a diplomat’s ball. I picture the model moving to the dress and different characters noticing their ensemble. The mood of the story affects my colors so a fight scene makes me use gray, black and blue a lot.
This is an essya I made for Mr. Aman's class. hehehehe

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