Friday, July 3

A tradition Forgotten

The Baro, a traditional wear of Filipinas. It is not worn anymore unless on special occasions. Once upon a time, it was a daily wear, an identity stamped through strife and discrimination.

When the Spaniards colonized the Philippines, linen and other fabrics from Europe were not readily available tot eh colonizers. The Filipinos introduced a new material to the melting-in-heat
Spaniards. It was the Piña and the Jusi. Both are made of piña fibers and sometimes mixed with abacca or silk. It was breezy and light. Embroideries were added for clothes of the nobility. Mostly, the people who wore these were the Filipinos themselves. the Spaniards insisted on the nearly see-through material so they could see of the person was concealing weapons.
Time flew and the baro evolved into what it is today.

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