Monday, July 6

The Reason for Alonzo

I did not Live Until today... How can I live when we are parted? Tomorrow you'll be worlds away...

I loved Alonzo. He was the eldest, the Alpha Cat.
What was the reason of his existence? Why was he here then gone?
Diki (Marie) told me he had a purpose and I began to ponder the reasons of his existence and death.
My Alonzo was not entirely mine. He was first Jade's cat. But she doesn't take care of him. He then attached himself to Diki. We often joked that Alonzo is Diki's secret lover. He kisses her, even marked her.
Alonzo's good looks made him very popular among the cats, especially his SIZE.
Don't you love a big cat?
Can't really determine his breed. Whoever his father was, had to be foreign or bred.
Fortunately for all cats, Alonzo shares the lurve. He is bisexual.
No kid. Saw him hump a girl cat and a boy cat.
He had his endless share of quirks but it endeared us to him.
We called him the Don because he took care of his little pride. He adopted Pepper and raised him. As in, made sure to raise and teach him. Then hump him when he got old. Ah... Alonzo. That was disturbing.
Then, he made sure female cats and baby cats get fed before him. then the other male cats could join in.

So what was the reason for his existence?
He inspired me. He loved this family. We grew attached only these past three years. I never knew the side of him to be loving. he only showed it behind closed doors, literally.

The reason of his death? Also to inspire me.
We'll never know how strong our love is until we loose that person. He had become a person. In his way, he communicated so much to us.
You can understand Alonzo. He can understand you too.
I'll miss him. My love for him is something that won't die.
He broke his cat ways just for me and my family. He became a guard dog, a playmate and a companion, especially late at night. he made sure there was somebody beside me during midnight when I'm busy with my projects.
He even died in the house so that he had every moment with us.
I'll never forget it, hard as it was but I can only feel his love. How he felt part of the family and how he wanted to stay but time was up. Death was upon him.
Alonzo, I love you.

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