Tuesday, June 30

When Wearing a Big Shirt

What to do when wearing a big shirt:
Whether T-shirt or Polo shirt, do you see yourself in the left or the right?
Yeah, huh. Some girls who think they're big wear the one on the left. baggy shirt with baggy pants. Trust me, this is not androgynous or laid back. It's lazy wear! It looks like a hobo picked it out for you. You want to look chic? The get-up has to get off the planet!

Don't throw the shirt. Not just yet. Try this exercise on a new outlook on big shirts.

Follow step by step:
  • First, waer something tight underneath like skinny fitted jeans or colored leggings.
  • Open the shirt. Wear a bright tank underneath. It adds to the overall effect.
  • belt it. Show your waistline. The belt is not only functional in setting your height but also an eye candy. Make sure it's bright! Get a big buckle too!
  • Lastly, roll the sleeves. It looks better.
Voila! You have transformed the look.

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