Wednesday, November 28

The Funeral Planner

Met the Wedding Planner?

Meet the Funeral Planner!
Lyn Isenberg's novel about life, death and business ethics is a must!
I love the book. Too morbid for your taste? it is not actually about Funerals. it is about handling griefs and ethics in business that makes you a worthwhile human being.
Meet Maddy. She's a small town girl in Michigan trying to be the best entrepreneur in L.A. He dreams keep turning to dust as a man named Derrick Rogers keep stealing every idea she has. She attends the funeral of her best friend, Tara and discovers the experience of a common place to grieve and celebrate life. From there, Lights Out Enterprises was born, a pre-need funeral planning for customized tribute needs. Her friends and family support her and business was going great until once again, Derrick Rogers steals the idea and sells it three times cheaper in the market.
Devastated, she is ordered by her charming investor to take a break and find the meaning of grief and what a true tribute is.
Her friends give her a mock funeral and from there, the journey has nowhere else to go but up.
It shows Friends and family must be pillars of support if not financially, morally. They teach you the ethics in business and perseverance will definitely pay. Even if you feel business goes nowhere and people keep stealing your ideas and you have no way of protecting yourself, honesty and clean services are all it takes to keep you moving forward.
Even the death were there to support Maddy!

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