Thursday, November 8

Can't Hug in Public...

I saw this article in yahoo. Crazy! totally? What's with a friendly hug? These Kanos are getting too uptight. When the strings snap, society will be chaotic. As if they aren't chaotic already. No more war in Iraq so let them start a war in their own home.
If they implemented this in the Phil, we'll take it to the streets. I guess we pinoys are a touch society. My mom keeps saying that. We have a need to touch and feel. Even a friendly pat or a shake. We can even see it in our shopping habits. We are like blind people seeing for the first time groping each item that catches our eyes. Ask yourself, do you touch everything you look at in the department store of super market?
Do you squeeze a fruit, try on every sun glasses, feel every material of dress and even poke trinkets for the heck of it? Pinoy ka nga!
So what is up with this article? What's with the hug? why not display your affections on public. it's not as if you're groping the other person. A brief hug, a quick beso and that's it. If people repress this little hug and pat, these kids will sneak behind the public's eye and have non-stop sex. That's what repression will do!

Ill. student gets detention for hugging
Tue Nov 6, 5:56 PM ET (Associated Press,
Two hugs equals two days of detention for 13-year-old Megan Coulter. The eighth-grader was punished for violating a school policy banning public displays of affection when she hugged two friends Friday.
"I feel it is crazy," said Megan, who was to serve her second detention Tuesday after classes at Mascoutah Middle School.
"I was just giving them a hug goodbye for the weekend," she said.
Megan's mother, Melissa Coulter, said the embraces weren't even real hugs — just an arm around the shoulder and slight squeeze.
"It's hilarious to the point of ridicule," Coulter said. "I'm still dumbfounded that she's having to do this."
District Superintendent Sam McGowen said that he thinks the penalty is fair and that administrators in the school east of St. Louis were following policy in the student handbook.
It states: "Displays of affection should not occur on the school campus at any time. It is in poor taste, reflects poor judgment, and brings discredit to the school and to the persons involved."
Coulter said she and her husband told their daughter to go ahead and serve her detentions because the only other option was a day of suspension for each skipped detention.
"We don't agree with it, but I certainly don't want her to get in more trouble," Coulter said.
The couple plan to attend the next school board meeting to ask board members to consider rewording the policy or be more specific in what is considered a display of affection.
"I'm just hoping the school board will open their eyes and just realize that maybe they shouldn't be punishing us for hugs," Megan said.

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