Monday, November 26

Carpathian FanArt in my DeviantArt

Carpathian Fan Art
Christine Feehan's Dark Series
Carpathians are a race of immortal beings who have the power to control elements. They live during the night and must feed on blood in order to survive. When they give in to the dark side and loose their souls, they become Vampires.
Francesca Del Ponce-Daratrazanoff. Lifemate of Gabrielle Daratrazanoff. A healer and ancient in her own right. Dark Legend
Syndil and Barrack. From the band of lost children saved by Darius. Dark Challenge and Dark Fire

Riordan De La Cruz. Lifemate of Juliette Sangria. Dark Hunger, Hot Blooded.
Tempest Trine- Daratrazanoff. Lifemate of Darius Daratrazanoff. Dark Fire


Giselle said...

Very nice blog. I have read all the Dark Series novels and your artwork depicting the characters is right on!

Good Work

Ruby said...

Hola! me gustaron los dibujos es estan muy bueno!

Me encantan los Cárpatos!!

PD: Como puedo contactarme contigo? Por favor es sobre la serie!


Hello! I liked the fan arts.. they are very good!!

I love the Carpathians!

PD: As I can contact me with you? Please.. is on the dark´s series!!

richard wright said...

hey big fan of you fan art im a old school gamer you know dice and all and i was hoping you could do a pic of julian in full color my name is richard wright

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