Monday, November 26

Cassie Edwards Historical Romance

My choice of reads is very eclectic. From Fantasy to historical Romance, I look for something - Umph! Something spicy, something different.
I got some Cassie Edwards books in Book Sale and now every time, I see one, I buy it.
Only the Historical Romance in Native American Genre. Something seems to capture me in mixing culture. Though some will say that these type of books are very redundant. It will all have the same ending: the girl will live with the Native American Chief and be his wife forever.
Yeah, i expect all these books to have the same ending. Otherwise, I wouldn't want it.
I guess it's the culture and how two people deal with it that makes me want to read it. The girl will always fear the native injun but will somehow find his looks attractive. The chief distrusts all white men but the fiery white woman steal his heart and he must bend all of earth to possess her.
Complications to the story are the usual: A man runs after the girl because he is in love with her too. This man also would want the Indian's lands.
The people of the Indian Village might trust the girl but they will be one or two who will hate her. This person sometimes will help the white man to get rid of the girl.
It's the same banana but i love reading it.

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