Tuesday, May 22

The Lady

I tried to read a Romance novel by Anne McCaffrey. Yes, the same writer of The Dragonriders of Pern Series.

The Lady has a different style from her Sci-fi Genre but deffinately Anne. Is is about Three people and lots of horses. The Carradynes have been breeding Horses in Cornanagh for more than 200 years. Captain Micheal Carradyne sees potential in his youngest daughter at an early stage. But Catriona Carradyne's mother forbids her. Catriona blames herself for the marital trouble and the eventual death of her mother due to over fasting. Lady Selina Healey is a client of the Carradynes. She absolutely adores Catriona and puts it upon herself to guide the child after her mother's loss. Selina falls in love with Cornanagh, Catriona and of course, Micheal whom she launches an affair with. Little did Micheal know about marital trouble Selina is experiencing. David Healey, a banker, neglects his wife and when he comes home, he beats and rapes her.
Selina finds solace in Cornanagh, the people and the horses. In the end, she files separation from David and lives with Micheal.

All's well that ends well. Everyone in Cornanagh gets what they want in the end. Yeah fine, Selina and Micheal are having an affaire but then you just want to forvige her because of David. Selina really loves Catriona too.
Romance stories are supposed to have a happy ending. Micheal and Selina are together and Catriona will continue Horse Shows and will soon run Cornanagh. Though most of her family leaves within the story to find a better life in the US, Catriona is adamant to stay and Selina, not a part of Cornanagh, will stay with her forever.
One song comes into my head the whole time I read this:
Wild Horses by Natasha Beddingfeild

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