Tuesday, May 22

Earl Grey

Let me tell you about Earl Grey, a cat who lives at our backyard.
Earl Grey is a handsome young cat about three years of age. He is quite fetching in his grey and white fur and he looks like he has black eyeliner all the time. Me and my sis describes him as a rake. He loves to flirt with women and women cats. Cute Earl.
One thing though, he seems very afraid of his ex-wife every time she comes for a visit. The Countess of Grey or ex-countess now, is a vindictive cat who loves to pick fights. It's Don Alonzo Cattywampus who she picks the fight with. And he's willing to fight! She and her now lover Bob, a Yankee bob-tailed cat go off into he night loving the brawling life.
The ex Comtess de Grey has a lot of children. From her marriage with Earl Grey, she produced five children. She shunned Turtle, his eldest, because of his gender confusion. Blindy and mouse, she left for dead. Mouse died but Blindy survived and is the youngest child so far. Blindy is now living with her father and is very happy.
The Duc D'Orange (we call his Duky or Orange) is the Earl's long time friend and is quite in the late 7th of his years. Strangely, he proposed and married Blindy. Blindy is not yet 1 but is already close and fostered the relationship wit the Duke. She is now Dutches of Orange, much to her mothers surprise.
Earl Grey's ex still visits only to get something to bite now and then. She doesn't seem to genuinely like the Earl other than for providence.
Earl Grey and I are good Friends. Alonzo doesn't seem to mind our friendship. he and Earl protect Blindy from her vindictive mother and lover.

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