Thursday, May 31

Dinosaur Planet Survivors

Kai awakes and find out he slept for 43 years in Ireta. What a case of Ripvanwinkle! He wakes his companions, Varian, Lunzie, Protegin and Triv to Dinosaur Planet.

A novel by Anne McCaffrey. It is very much connected to Sassinak. You will meet her in the end of the book. If you read "Sassinak", you will encounter Ireta on the end of the book.
An EEC Exploration team was sent to Ireta, a supposed unexplored Planet. A mutiny of the human sect called Heavyworlders sets back the exploration team. To escape with their lives, the remaining humans hid in a cave and put themselves into coldsleep. 43 years later, Ireta is still as hostile as when they first slept. To add to their troubles, the mutineers has produced to a second generation and is expecting a colony ship in which more heavyworlders will come and colonize Ireta.
On the other hand, there are others who want to claim the hostile planet. The bird-like Ryxi is light years away and wishes a stake. The Thek, a stone-like creature who are a law unto themselves, claim that Ireta was their long time ago. Now, only a FSP Fleet can help them.
When things might go wrong, enter FSP Fleet Cruiser Zaid-Dayan 43. Led by Commander Sassinak, they were able to stop the piratical colony ship and aid Kai and his team. The FSP decided to encarcerate the surviving mutineer and let the two other generation stay only in the plateau which they have held for years. The Thek decided to be kind to Kai and his team noting that the trouble was not their fault and they have lost 3 years in the process. They gave Kai and his team rights to sell ores and other resources while his team lives.
Lunzie goes with Commander Sassinak with the Zaid-Dayan to fight the menace of Planet Pirates.
It is when the Thek reveals that Ireta was a world created by the Thek as a zoo. Millenias ago, the thek visited Mesozoic Earth and found the Dinosaurs. They took some and sent them to Ireta because they knew Earth was rapidly changing and Ireta would not. Ireta is a zoo for the Thek, a zoo to preserve the wondrous reptilian beasts that was once the mighty dinosaurs.

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