Wednesday, May 23


Two writers have given me lots of insights about horses. Tamora Peirce and her Tortall Stories and Anne McCaffrey. Terms i have not heard of for horses were made clearer when searched in Wikipedia.

Funny, it seems horses take a lot of time caring for. I remember dad used to raise horses in the farm. Now, no more horses. Too much work, he says. Horses is not indigenous to the Philippines so they are not the best kind. Perhaps it is the hot weather.

Anyways, here are some terms I encountered and will explain just in case you will see them in books that don't have explanations.

Stallion- A male horse, not castrated. They have a fiery temper.

Mare- Female horse.

Gelding- A castrated horse. They are able to work in groups and are more softer in nature.

Roan- A color in a horse. The base color is white with another color mixed into them.

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