Thursday, March 1

House Husbands

Recent discussion at the family e-group is about house husbands and it got me thinking of things mom told me.
Is it really frowned upon in today's Philippine society? To answer that question, we must first know the definition of house husbands.
A house husband is a man married to a woman. He keeps house while the wife is one that works the nine to five job. His duties in the house includes cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children if there are some. He has to manage the house expense and make sure the house is in proper working order. Not a bad description considering being at hoe most of the time, eh? But my mother keeps telling me it is a constant challenge. Being a housewife most of our growing up years, she says it is a job with no financial rewards. Father Reuters once said in his homily that if you tried to put a price in parenting, you'd end up with figures you can't count anymore and that's only until you're 18 years of age.
There aren't much house husbands in our modern society because of the whole machismo thing we have going on. Nope, prime my dears. We have too much pride. Men are expected to be providers and women are the home makers. But in our modern setting, there are more demands for jobs relating to women that men. Look, there are more female nurses, caregivers and call center agents that males. We hire at least two maids in a house hold but not all the time a "boy". If a "boy" is hired, he doubles a driver.
Actually, a negative form of house husbands do exist. In the lower caste of Philippine society, the women work and the males stay at home. No, they do not cook, clean or manage house hold. They can't manage expenses. Such sad fate the women of the slums endure. They come home to bums. This is a grim reality we face. The women go off to work as day-time maids, secretaries, assistants or shop clerks while the males stay home, drink at night and constantly gamble. Most of the time, the women would opt for being an OFW just to bring in more income for their growing family.
No matter where in society you belong, this practice must stop. Male roles in the slums are getting worse. There is an unhealthy thrive of bad example to the youth. It promotes women oppression and laziness. While we can see a slight improvement to our economy, we are not seeing the social problems these bring.
For now, I will stop at that, for more social problems will be tackled in future posting. This entry is getting too long.

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