Thursday, March 15

Dragons in the Sky

I've Finished Anne McAffrey's The Skies of Pern.
This time, the point of the story revolves on F'lessan, F'lar and Lessa's son. F'lessan is a bronze rider. He wants to make a place for the dragonriders in the new world. Tai, a gredd dragonrider helps him do that. She and her dragon Zaranth has found a new draconic ability that might save them from the comets that crashes to earth. They found out how to use telekenesis.
So now,
dragons can teleport, are telepaths and can use telekenesis. For two thousand five hundred years, nobody noticed these dragons had that ability.

In Dragonflight, Lessa found out how to travel between times. She can also talk to all dragons because she is a sstrong telepath in her own right. Now, green Zaranth teaches all the dragons to use their telekenesis. For a small dragon who is down in the caste, Zaranth herself teaches Queen Ramoth!
Its a spectacular book with spectacular flights of fantasy!
I love it! I especially love the dragons!
* * * * * * * *
I found this fansite about the dragon riders of Pern and got some quotes
You Know You've Been REading too much Pern Books...

(Ithink this quote will keep changing everytime you see it. I've placed another one on the side bar)

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