Friday, March 16


My newest book on Pern is Dragonsblood. THis time, it is written by Anne McCaffrey's son, Todd McCaffrey.
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I see a difference in the style but I like the book. Though the story did feel like it just took some elements from Anne's previous books like Dragonflight and All the Weyr of Pern.
It is set in the third Pass, 500 years after Landing on Pern. The Red Star draws near and the Weyrs thought they were prepared to fight the menacing thread. But suddenly a deseace struck the dragons. Normally, dragons don't get sick. From Benden's 300 strong dragons, they were reduced by half on the first day of Fall because the dragons got too sick.
It was up to Lorana, gold Arith's rider, to find a cure. But when she looses Arith, will she be able to save them all now? She seems to loose hope too.
450 years back in the past, two women and a boy are searching for their own answers. Wind Blossom, an Eridani geneticist who's mother genetically altered the fire-lizards to today's dragons, was faced with a question to answer. Are dragons as strong as everybody believes?
No. For Lorana's Arith was dying and went to the Between. Instead of staying, her dead body was sent 450 years to Wind Blossom's time. From there, Wind Blossom, Emora and Tieran helped to make a cure and put it in a time capsule hidden in Benden WEyr for Lorana to discover. Along with the cure and books to help her understand how to go about it, Emora plants clues within history. Songs and records were made that could only point to a healer dragonrider. Also to help her understnad DNAs and PNAs, the Harper Drum Code is actually the PNA secquencefor the dragonsblood.
I like the book. Too bad Telgar Weyr's fighting force was obliterated because of one man's pride. There are too many people and Dragons who die in this book. Beware before you read!

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