Tuesday, March 6

20 pesos

I picked up a twenty peso bill on the steps of promenade. That brought me memories of long ago. I remember I was maybe grade 2 when I first picked up my first twenty peso bill on the streets. I was so thrilled then. I never had twenty pesos. I thought a lot of things I can buy with it. I could buy a box of cereal and candies and a coke and more. Now, as I look at the twenty peso bill, I wondered if there was still things I can buy with it. Candy? A jeep ride?
I may have been thinking of petty things before but that kept me thinking of the prices today. Has it something to do with the economy? Of course it has something to do with it. The dollar vesus peso too.
The thing is, when I was grade 2, I see that twenty peso bill as something so big and now, it's something so small. It can't even be enough to tip a cab!

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