Thursday, February 1

Stereotypes in Romances

If you read romances, don't you find the hero and damsel so "the usual"?
What I mean is, in every romance story, the girl and the boy have to always be perfect. Even if it is in historical romance of fantasy romance. I'm no expert. I haven't read all that much but based on the different authors I tried, they are so typical.
The boy has to have oodles of noodles. Tall, lean, good looking no matter what age he's supposed to be in. The girl is always young. Young and very pretty. I find it strange that she should always have a great body, pettite yet full boobs.
Once boy meets girl, some passion is ignited but they refuse to acknowledge til the very end. When they do acknowledge, the girl will then start first. The guy's response will be fondling that leads to you know what.
I read Anne McCaffrey's Restoree. Now, this guy ain't so typical. So he doesn't look so good and the girl is not blonde or exotic in appearance but ok, they're not too typical. Then again, there isn't much LOVE in their lovestory.
I haven't quite read a good love story that can make me ponder about love.

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