Sunday, February 11


I bought a book in BOOKS & MAGS for 9.00
Yes, quite a bargain.
One man's junk, another girls's treasure
and a treasure it was!
A book entitled Whalesong by Robert Siegel. It's a classic but most importantly, it's autographed. Whoever owned it must have forgotten about the autograph.
Whalesong is about a humpback named Hrunakaya. Whales have their own traditions and thier own beleifs. The antagonists of the story are humans. Humans who have an insatiable appetite to consume the environment wantonly and pollute wherever they thread.
It was fortold to Hrunakaya that he was to lead his pod and save the young. He ws going to be thre greatest of humpbacks, singing the song of the sea.
Sadly, they lost whales to the whalers but the Whale of Light told Hruna not to fret. There will come a day when men will cease to hunt. With that, Hruna was given a sign. His wife gave birth to an albino humpback.

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