Tuesday, January 30

a book a day

Me and my hunger. hunger to read!
I've read at least seven book during my trip to Davao. Now that I'm back, I'm reading a book a day. Two book yesterday. What a record. But then I read my Alanna books in three days and the four Protector of the Small Quartet in another 3 days. That's a hunger for reading.
I tried to read a romance novel. Bleh! Not too interesting.
No wonder Aki wants historical or sci-fi romance. At least you learn something in historical romances. It got little interesting tidbits.
Sci-fi romance is a bit boring. Haven't seen a good blend of Romance to the sci part of it yet.
So I read about three historical romances, ok but not too ok. needs more.
Back to Fantasy,
I'm reading about Veralidaine Sarasri. (Tamora Pierce's the Immortals Quartet) I've first encountered her in the Protector of the Small Quartet. She helped Kell a lot. Veralidaine or Daine's story comes between Alanna and Kell's. She starts at thirteen, an orphan who thinks she's crazy because she can communicate to animals.
She finds new friends who know her worth. They believe Daine has Wild Magic. This certain type of magic cannot be learned or mastered in some university. It lives within her and nobody can take it. Her new friend and mentor, Numaire, not only treasures her but also developes some... well... I read up in Kell's book that they become lovers. Even if Daine is half Numaire's age.

Quotes from Daine
"Someday I must read about this scholar Everyone. He seems to have written so much-- all of it wrong."

Quotes from a Stormwing
"... But the wheels turn. What is up may come down; what is brought low may come down. The gods are not fickle--but they ahve been known to change their minds."

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