Tuesday, February 20

New Year, New Life, New Book

For New Year, I went to Diko's house in Greenhills. We were in Promenade and there was a FULLYBOOKED. Man, I bought the book I was looking for, Dragonquest.

Dragonquest is the story about a dragonrider's life and the complication of being tied to a dragon and his Weyr. For you see, a golden dragon's mating insticts can be very perilous and only bronze dragons mate them. the riders couple each other during the mating flight. But Brekke, rider of golden dragon Wirenth is a virgin and has very high morals. She doesn't want any bronze mating her and discarding her. F'nor rider of brown dragon Canth fell in love with her and is determined to let Canth mate Wirenth against tradition.
Tragedy struck when Wirenth and senior queen Prideth fought during a mating flight. The result killed both queens. When a rider's dragon dies, half of her soul or her very mind is gone. Brekke goes in a state of sleep. She won't wake. It took F'nor's love to bring her back from the dark tunnels of her mind.
Then, F7nor goes to suicide mission to space, he is badly hurt. He falls back to earth with Canth but they cannot fly. Brekke's love echoed to all the dragons and they left their riders to form a dragon ramp to save Canth and F'nor.
How touching.
In Anne McCaffrey's Pern, there is no wedding in the Weyrs. Holder and Craft halls have wedding with harpers to perform them. In the Weyr, the dragons share their minds and emotions with the riders. The first to break tradition is actually F'nor's brother, F'lar. F'lar is the Bender Weyrleader. He takes no other but Lessa, rider of Queen Ramoth. Ramoth will mate with no other but F'lar bronze, the large Mnementh.
I love McCaffrey's characters. They have personality. Even the dragons are wonderful. In a world wracked with problems political, social and of course environmental. They will not give up and they struggle to do more than just survive.

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