Wednesday, January 17

Foreigner in Her Own Home

I'm back in Davao. My, this place changed in just a year. I remember Jaja and I were here just last year and a lot of things have certainly changed.
Dinah's here. I'm glad of that.
Davao is still relaxing and slow-paced. If I stay here long, I wonder if I would get bored? Would thing be too slow for me? But then, the fast pace od Manila is already boring me to bits. Here, nature is closer. Here, I feel a lot calmer.
Yes, the usual family dramas are still here. Then again, it's everywhere and that's not new.
I feel a bit detached here.
Is Davao a place in the Philippines?
I feel it shold be it's own country. It's so peaceful and too nice to be tainted by the political struggles happening in the north.
While I'm here, I'm also somewhere else.
I seem to be always at two places at once.
When I was in Japan, I was in the world of Diana Wynne Jones and Tokyo. Now, I'm in Davao and in Anne McCaffrey's Pern. I bought tons of Dragon Riders of Pern books to bring here and I was thrilled when I found a ot of second hand books about Pern here as well. I couldn't put the books down. So I'm in two worlds at once.
Pern's been wonderful. Full of dragons and fire lizards. The characters are very human and they struggle with the usual human problems. Of course, they have dragons to help them.
The other day, I didn't want to get up. I think I was still asleep. I was saying in my sleep tat I could ask Lord Jaxom of Ruatha to fly me over with his dragon, Ruth. Five minutes later, I had to rush in the bathroom because there was no dragon waiting for me. I was late for breakfast.
My library's expanding!

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