Wednesday, January 24

Back at Last

I'm back.
Vacation gone and I'm back home. I'm definately not going back to working for mom. It's just making my hair whitter. I'm looking for a new venture. Davao opened a lot of doors but which to take? I have to think which to enter. AS tempting as some of them might be, they still have risks attached.
Hope to make decisions na.
I do want to move back to Davao where the pace is much slower. Felt good to be nearer nature. Here in Manila, it feels too dry, dusty and dark. Sun doesn't shine as brightly. Aura is not the same.
I'm going to miss buddy. Hope she won't get too bored. It's the slow pace of Davao that drives her crazy. Don't worry, buds, I'll be there soon. Outing tayo ulit.

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