Friday, January 20

Working Vacation

It's vacation for me but it didn't hinder me from working. I'm calling, texting and e-mailing people left and right. Things are getting delayed but even if I were in Manila they'd still get de layed. It's a fact of life thing. You can't get what you want when you want.
So now, the show tickets are being sold at ticketworld.
see this for the Inter-Kultura Fashion Show by Avant Designer League:
I'm happy. It's step one. Posters and tarps are to be relased monday. Then, clothes need last checking. Models then stage and backdrop.
Our Davao trip is ending but it was quite an experience. I feel like a native in my own land. I'm glad to have visited. People are still friendly. Everything here is still as laid back as before.
We'll be going to the beach tomorrow. Then when we get back, uwi na Manila. Awww.

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