Tuesday, January 10

Time is of the Essence

Yup, it is. I am making major phone calls in the morning and setting out in the afternoon. Whew. Who knew this show was big work!
I knew. Thank God I have no more school.
Next week, Ja and I go to Davao. Hehehe. Break! Cultural experience!
I have to set everything by then. Whew! May, this is kill! It's the phone calls that kill. I kinda think the Mayor's ofice is avoiding me. The person I needed to talk to keeps on giving excuses not to get to the phone. He's with the mayor, in the bathroom, out to lunch: call back 10 mins, then 20 mins then 1hour. Man! Pero hindi ko siya tinigilan. Finally this morning, I got it. I was able to talkk to him for 5 mins. It wasn't that bad. All I needed were some questions answered and things he had to do for me. Was it that bad? He made it look like it was. Even if his secretary said he was out, I hear him at the bg.
Pictorials on the 24th. CAn't wait!
We'll see ya on the show!

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