Tuesday, January 17

Davao day 2 and 3

Ok, her'e what happened yesterday:
We went to NCCC which is very near nanay's house. As in walking distnace. As in across the street! There, we looked around. There were a lot of things for sale and exhibit but security is as tight as airport. Asian Tourism Forum deligates were there too.
Then we went to SM. There was an exhibit and bazaar on the 2nd floor also for the delegates pero welcome mga tao. Mahal! Yung mga china china pearls 1000 per strand!!! Had lunch in Dencios. We had BBQ pork, BBQ Chicken, Sisig, and 3 rice, Iced tea na bottomless for drink. It cost us 239.00 in Dencios. Iniwan ko na 11 for tip.
Then, we went to Gaisano Mall. I bought Jadey a lot of things! What about me? Swimsuits are too small there!!! Hope she likes it. Lovely for summer top!
Then we went to Victoria Plaza. I finally bought a nice swimsuit. (2peice!) Then, more shopping. Ja also bought a 2 peice!!! Wooow! Sexy Bikini!
Then, I took Ja to Blugre! (Pronounce:Blue-Gray) Yum. Its Davo's version of Starbuck. only with Durain coffee and Durain Fraps. What do you expect in Durian Country?
Weird for her ang Durian pero I enjoyed it. Fresh and blendered durian with cream and coffee! Yum!
So now, we are in netopia. waiting for ahia jun. We're going to Malagos Monkey Eating Eagle!!! It's an eagle breeding ang preservation site. Alo a zoo. Parang ayaw ko ng animals? Save the animals!!!

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