Thursday, January 19

Early Birds in a Song

Today, Ja and I woke up at 4am. I was our first time to see a Mañanita. They started at 5 though. A group of singers serenaded Nanay until she came down. Nice guesture. Lovely tradition. If I can only trace it back.
Yesterday, you would not beleive what happened. Ja and I got our ears peirced!!! Yes.
An in a pedia's clinic. They were expecting kids but two female adults came. Whoops wrong clinic! But it's ok. The doctor peirced our ears.
Lunch, we ate in Chippens. Not a cheap place. A classy counterpart of Cabalen. Good food. Good service. We also went to the famous China China. It's like scattered stores with Made in China goods. Kinda like 168, only in individual stores scattered around the Sta. Anna district.
They, to Johna's to buy ethnic beads. I've spent a lot here. It isn't exactly cheap but I love the shells and brass and wooden beads. Lovely. Then, off to Aldevinco. I got these cute earings.
All in all, mom was right. I have the tendency to spend all my money in shopping. I bought the strangest and coolest stuffs too. From wooden badminton rackets to sponge slippers to plastic dolphins! Practical? Useless?
It's not what you bought.
Its the shopping experience!
This morning, after resting from breakfast, Ja and I played badminton for 46 minutes. The grass was newly watered so our feet were wet after playing.

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