Sunday, August 21

A New Endeavor

I know I should rest after the show but now, I'm restless. I've jumped right up to the next show. Yup!
The grad show.
I know, I know.
I should worry about that next term. But the next term is so short. Sponsors will not have budget for us. Christmas season na yun. 'Tis hard.
So Now I'm sending out sponsorship letters already. In secret to some people but now I'm saying it. I have big plans for the Grad collection. Yup!
I want it to be big and grand. Many would disagree to my ideas. They are too big. I need at least 300,000.00 in pesos. How do I do that? I don't know. I am Maita. I find a way.
I want this show to leave a legacy behind. I want people to remember it by. Even to set a precedent.
Too big?
Maybe. Only because this project is short term. Mind you the term is short.
I have to work fast!
This maybe the start of my career. We're ending already. Yes I know I am taking a huge step. Dad thinks I can do events planning. Because of the RObinson's show, there are people who want to team up wiht me. I create the show at least twice a year and they do the technicals.
Sounds good.
I can launch my clothes are stuffs or make shows for other designers. Still too big now?
I think too big because I am big (my body that is!)
So? Big brains can only fit in big heads with big bodies!


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